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Set up your 2 Weeks Trial Office

To set up your 2 week trial office, choose the number of users you would like within your office and the STD prefix you would like your business telephone number to begin with.
Once you have completed all your personal details, one of our consultants will call you to go through the process on how you access your account and set up your online office.

Choose your Call Handling Service

As part of the trial we can provide a personalised 24/7 telephone answering service for your business with the local exchange number below. If you are interested in our telephone handling options, please click the checkbox and one of our consultants will contact you to go through the different ways we can set up your telephone number and introduce you to our web based virtual office that will allow you to manage your telephone line and account with us.

Select the local exchange number prefix below:

Select the telephone package you would prefer from the options below:

Set-up Fee Monthly Rental Inbound Calls (per minute) Outbound Land line (Dispatch per minute) Outbound Mobile (Worldwide Dispatch per minute)
Standard telephone - message only
(We will answer your calls, take down a message and forward it as per your instructions)
£ 30.00 £ 39.00 £ 0.72 - -
Standard telephone -with call patching
(We will answer your calls, take down the persons details and then forward the call on to you whereever you are)
£ 30.00 £ 35.00 £ 0.68 £ 0.08 £ 0.20
Call diversion
(Your calls are automatically diverted to a landline or mobile of your choice)
£ 30.00 £ 45.00 - £ 0.09 £ 0.21
Bespoke Telephony (Media response/ contact centre/ order taking, etc)
P.O.A £ 5.00 - - -

Upgrade your officeXchange

If you wish to upgrade now, select the total number of users and the period you wish to subscribe to in months, then check the box and continue.

No. of Users Monthly Fees (GBP) FREE File Storage Total Fees (GBP)
20 100MB FREE

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