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Company Secretarial Support

Annual statutory requirements for limited companies are stringent and numerous (see below). Directors are personally responsible for meeting these requirements. Failure to do so can lead to heavy penalties and the company being struck from the register.

For a flat annual fee of just, 4Business can take care of your company's compliance saving you time and money. This service includes the following:
  • Preparing and filing the annual return accurately and on time each year.
  • Maintaining the Statutory Register and filing Statutory Forms.
  • Notifying Companies House about changes to the Company.
  • Notifying Companies House of meetings and keeping of Company Minutes.
  • Filing copies of Resolutions and Agreements.
  • Providing the company with a Registered Office Address at Office 3.05, 1 King Street, London, EC2V 8AU
Our fee for this service is: £ 480.00 pa.

When you incorporate your company online, you will be given the option of adding these and other supporting services to your order.

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Annual Statutory Duties of the Company Secretary

As the secretary is an officer of the company under section 744 of the Act, they may be criminally liable for defaults committed by the company. For example failure to file - in the time allowed - any change in the details of the company's directors and secretary, and the company's annual return.

The secretary may also have to make out a statement of the company's affairs if an administrative receiver or a provisional liquidator is appointed, or if a winding-up order is made. (Sections 47 (Section 66 for Scotland) and 131 of the Insolvency Act 1986.)

Other Duties
The company secretary usually undertakes the following duties:

(a) Maintaining the statutory registers. These are:
the register of members (section 352, section 113);
the register of directors and secretaries (section 288, section 162(directors), section 275(secretaries));
the register of directors' interests (section 325, repealed but declaration of interest in transaction section 182);
the register of charges (section 407 or 422 for Scottish companies, section 809 or section 885); and
for public companies only, the register of interests in shares (section 211, section 808).

(b) Ensuring that statutory forms are filed promptly. You cannot simply send a letter to notify the Registrar that you wish to change the situation of the company's registered office or that changes have occurred among directors or secretaries or their particulars. You should normally use forms AD01, AP01, AP02, TM01, TM02, (287 and 288a, b or c) as appropriate. You may also use the annual return Form AR01 (363s) in some circumstances if the return is due at the convenient time. Changes of directors' and secretaries' details must be notified within 14 days. There are many other forms that need to be delivered to the Registrar. See Chapter 4, 'What you have to send to Companies House', for more information.

(c) Providing members and auditors with notice of meetings. You must give them 21 days written notice of an annual general meeting. You must give them 14 days written notice of a meeting which is neither an annual general meeting or a meeting to pass a special resolution. If you are the secretary of an unlimited company, the written notice required is 7 days. (S307 private co - 14 days, public - 21 days for AGM, others 14 days)

(d) Sending the Registrar copies of resolutions and agreements. You must send the Registrar copies of every resolution or agreement to which Chapter 3 (section 380) applies, for example special and extraordinary resolutions, within 15 days of them being passed. (section 30)

(e) Supplying a copy of the accounts to every member of the company, every debenture holder and every person who is entitled to receive notice of general meetings - also copies demanded by anyone under section 239 of the Act. You must send accounts at least 21 days before a meeting at which they are to be laid - see (section 238) of the Act. (Chapter 7 - section 243)

(f) Keeping, or arranging for the keeping, of minutes of directors' meetings and general meetings. (section 355)

(g) Ensuring that people entitled to do so can inspect company records. For example, members of the company and members of the public are entitled to a copy of the company's register of members, and members of the company are entitled to inspect the minutes of its general meetings and to have copies of these minutes. (section 116)

(h) Custody and use of the company seal. Companies no longer need to have a company seal, but if they do, the secretary is usually responsible for its custody and use.(section 45 - only provide about use(nothing on custody))

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