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Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Biz On The Net is your one stop source for all of your internet, website, ecommerce and internet marketing needs.

From outstanding website design, through to email solutions, database creation, pay per click advertising and all aspects of internet marketing. Biz On The Net will provide you with the internet presence that you need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

The Biz On The Net team contains an unsurpassed combination of experience and expertise. They deliver fast, cost effective solutions and understanding and meeting your needs is their top priority.

Here are some of the ways that Biz On The Net can help you:

Website Design
Your website is your public image to the world. In just a few seconds, visitors will form impressions of you, your business and whether they want to begin a relationship with you.
It is therefore essential that your website is professionally designed by a team that understands what works - and what doesn't. 4 Business will provide you with a website that truly reflects you and your business, and they'll do it at a cost effective price.
About our programming skills
4 Business offers custom computer programming and full product development by our experienced team. Our custom computer programming specialists offer complete application analysis, design and production at affordable rates. We can expedite your request to begin getting your critical business application written and in use. We offer the unique ability to work on accounting systems, invoicing systems, billing systems, engineering systems, and more.
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Email Marketing
The power of targeting your customers and prospects effectively with email cannot be over estimated. To do this, you need to have an email system that lets you reach your customers quickly and effectively. The 4 Business team will work with you to produce a tailor made solution that becomes a perpetual profit centre for your business.

Domain Name Registration
4 Business will register your domain names - now before it's taken.
Your domain name is unique identity of your online business and enables your customers to find you on the Internet. You can register your name using our fast and simple web-based service, or ask us to register it for you.
To register a domain name now, please click on the following link.
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Website Listing & Promotion
We submit your URL to hundreds of search engines, e-zines and directories – increasing the chance of your Web site URL being known and accessed by users through search engines.
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Website Development Solutions
From databases and content management systems to e-commerce, we've got the expertise to build websites that offer detailed, dynamic content and online purchasing.
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Front End Development
Front-end development relates to the web pages that visitors see, their look and feel, and the overall site structure. It is performed at 4Business ltd by professionals with design and programming expertise using software tools such as ‘DreamWeaver’, ‘Fireworks’, and Flash. Graphic design of the brand and imagery of the site can range from £1,000 to greater than £10,000 for a top-end site (see our price list).

The HTML and web page coding follow similar prices, which vary according to the quantity, complexity and originality of the respective images and pages. It is possible for us to provide standard templates to dramatically reduce the work required and costs incurred. Some software development skills are required to integrate web pages with databases and application servers as well as scripting knowledge to perform actions such as gathering form data, managing appearance of graphics and sending emails.

Database integration and front-end development is one of the true cornerstones of the modern business IT picture. In order to keep your company up to date, you must consider options that will allow you to add value to your services while keeping costs moderately low. By integrating your data with your web site, you can automate processes which previously required human intervention. Make your data flow more efficiently and allow your customers to change their records via the web.

These are just a few examples of how interactivity can positively influence your web presence. If you have a vision for your site, please give us the opportunity to present a custom solution which will meet your needs. We have lots of experience on a variety of platforms in developing fully integrated, database driven sites. We can provide a solution for your needs.

Back-End Solutions/Programming
The company's team contains some of the finest programmers in the world. So if you are looking for custom programming or database development, 4 Business has the answer, offering custom, advanced technology and development in many areas including:

  • Cold Fusion
  • ASP.Net
  • Asp / VBScript
  • VB.net
  • PHP
  • Java, Javascript
  • Macromedia Flash
  • SQL

    If you would like a free quote from one of our expert developers, please contact us either at support@4business.com or use our contact form.

    At 4 Business we can customize programs to meet your needs. It may be a message board, a guest book, a newsletter, a site search engine, or even a shopping cart. All are done through Internet programming languages, and all add a new level of depth to your website.

    Making it simple and easy for a customer to get the information they want, when they want it is the ultimate requirement for a successful web site. That means your web site must deliver functionality with usability.

    The functionality of a web site is dictated by the outcome expected. Over the years, much effort has gone into the design and programming of incredibly sophisticated and useful backend functions. But to be truly effective these complex backend functions must be made seamless to users. No matter what the ultimate function of your site, the most critical element is what users see and do when your web site appears on their computer screen. Web users don't just view information they interact with it.

    That's why a balance must be struck between powerful backend functions and interface design that brings a user willingly into the web site.

    Internet Marketing / Pay per Click Advertising
    4 Business will advise you on the best way to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by internet marketing. In addition, they can set up and manage your pay per click advertising campaign. Pay per click has emerged as one of the most effective ways of reaching new prospects, rapidly and cost effectively. 4 Business has the expertise to ensure that your pay per click campaign brings you the maximum results for minimum cost.

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