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International Trade Services

By utilising the United Kingdoms vast double tax treaty network and excellent international reputation, AIA Limited is able to maximise client profits over a diverse range of trading activities and industries.

AIA is able, through a international network spanning six continents, to provide a truly international and innovative range of corporate trading solutions. We are able to call on local expertise and industry professionals throughout the world, spanning the America's, Europe, Middle East and the Far East, that are able to deal with the real issues facing our complex and globalized business world.

Many of our clients utilise our services when trading in or with overseas territories, where local legislation or the tax treatment of their own companies may impact negatively on their activities and profits. For instance, trading cross border within the European Union necessitates the need for European VAT registration. This can prove to be a difficult and costly operation for non European Companies and, in many cases, will also result in the non European client having to register a tax resident Company within a European Union country and deal with the costly issues of VAT, accounting and other local requirements. AIA, being a UK Company registered for VAT, is able to facilitate this type of transaction on behalf of the client, whilst taking a percentage of the transaction profit as our fee, this is normally between 5% and 10%.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation on how we can help streamline and maximise the opportunities within your global trading operations.

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International Business & Trade
International Trade Services
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