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International Business & Trade

If you are considering doing business outside of the United Kingdom, consider how we can help you. Our international business partners specialise in facilitating cross-border transactions to give your company a competitive advantage in the international arena.

Trading within the EU
In order to trade cross border within the European Union, your business will require a European VAT registration. This can prove to be a difficult and costly operation for non European Companies and, in many cases, will also result in the non European client having to register a tax resident Company within a European Union country and deal with the costly issues of VAT, accounting and other local requirements. AIA, being a UK Company registered for VAT, is able to facilitate this type of transaction on behalf of the client - reducing costs and time to market.
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Structuring your business to reduce risk and maximise profit
OCRA Worldwide aims to devise better structures for managing your personal and business assets. We identify opportunities for improving your business, investment performance, wealth preservation and tax minimisation. We work closely with tax advisers in every major jurisdiction to plan the most cost and tax efficient structures for cross-border business and investments, utilising a range of international corporate and trust vehicles.
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International Business & Trade
International Trade Services
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