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Relocation Support

As UK relocation specialists, our relocation team offers a wide range of services that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. We have years of experience in offering assistance, from arrival at the airport to settling into a new home, a new assignment, and a new life.

Know in advance what it's like to live and work in the UK

We'll supply all the advance knowledge of how to go about living and working in the UK successfully, ensuring that you have all the facts and crucial information you'll need to be able to start getting down to the business of living.

In-person or report-based assistance

Our specialists can be on hand to accompany you on your home (and school) search (see below). Alternatively, we can create a comprehensive and personalised report, offering an invaluable pre-departure countdown checklist, as well as essential information for your move to the UK. This includes information on local property agents whom you can contact to make appointments at your own convenience.

We're here from the start

Our service starts from the moment you let us know that you're coming to the UK. It is then up to our specialist team to ensure that the transition from your arrival onwards is taken care of, with all your needs anticipated well in advance.

When you arrive, we'll supply clear instructions on how to get through immigration with the minimum of fuss, and the methods of transport available from the airport to your destination.

Accommodation and school searches

With years of experience in finding suitable accommodation - whether you're wanting to rent or buy a home - and local schooling - whether it be private or public - we'll make sure that all information is made available in advance. As stated above, this help can either be report-based; or we can accompany you and/or your staff to view properties and take over negotiations on their behalf, if required.

We are happy to review all tenancy arrangements to ensure that they are in compliance with your needs, and finalise this process for you. You can then move in stress-free in the knowledge that everything that should have been done, has been done, in your best interests at all times.

And if you need to check-in to a local hotel before you find accommodation, we can supply a list of local hotels together with prices, and book your hotel rooms for you in advance.

Area reports and getting around

We will also provide you with a full cost-of-living analysis so that you have all the facts about your chosen area, from shopping to parks, theatres and clubs, etc. You'll know in advance how to travel to work, where the local train and bus stations are located and, if we do our job well, any other vital information to make your new way of life a great experience.

Whatever it is, we're here to meet your every need

Our 'hand-holding' service is completely personalised: there is no assignment too great or too small, and each assignment is of great importance to us.

"No-one need be alone in a strange country"

That is our ethos. We feel it is daunting enough to starting a new assignment - but when that assignment also involves moving to a new country in unfamiliar surroundings, with foreign customs and procedures, the individual stress levels are a lot higher.

If we can take away the hassle, then we've done our job well. There should be no greater achievement to an individual than success - and this goal could be made a lot more achievable if the right support is offered from day one.

We are that support.

To request help with your Relocation to the UK, submit the form below and one of our consultants will contact you. Alternatively, contact us on + 44 (0) 207 514 9901.
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