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HR Management

Employing staff is never simple but 4 Business is here to assist you. We offer a range of services to support you from staff record keeping to sample employment contracts and payroll solutions.

Keep accurate staff & leave records
There are clear legal and business reasons for keeping data on your workers. Sufficient records must be kept to comply with the law. Keeping accurate records, e.g. on staff absences and turnover, can help you take decisions based on facts. We offer an innovative and simple solution for keeping staff and leave records accurate and easily accessible.
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Set up clear employment policies for your business
Clear policies will help your business identify and prevent potential risks to your employees and ensure that you comply with the law. They will also help to create a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. We offer sample documents, including statutory (legal required) contracts and best business practice policies.
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Ensure appropriate employment contracts are in place
Different types of employees require different types of contracts. We offer a range of sample contracts for staff, managers and directors which you can download and adapt as required.
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Outsource your payroll function
Many small businesses outsource payroll functions because calculating tax and NIC deductions can be time-consuming. Payroll can also be complicated by other deductions such as maternity pay, pensions and student loan repayments. And when you're paying migrant workers or sub-contractors, bank account red tape becomes an issue too. We provide a comprehensive Payroll service to assist you.
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HR Management
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