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Limited Company Formation

INCORPORATE4BUSINESS™ provide limited company formation and registration services. We have all the information you need to form a limited company, whatever your unique requirements may be.

Learn more a Limited company formation with INCORPORATE4BUSINESS™.

Limited company formation can take a number of forms, including:

Private Limited Company Formation

The majority of Companies are those limited by shares, with members or shareholders who hold one or more shares issued to them by the company in return for payment. Although most shares are fully paid and the shareholder has no liability for the company's debts, a shareholder's liability to the company's creditors is normally limited to the amount of any shares that have been issued to them and which they have not fully paid for.

Public Limited Company Formation

The 1985 Act created the PLC and made the procedure to acquire public company status much simpler. The advantages in acquiring PLC status may for some be a matter of image, but for most a need to be legally entitled to offer shares to investors, subject to regulatory approvals.

Companies Limited by Guarantee

A guarantee company has members, rather than shareholders, whose liability is limited by an amount, normally less than a £1, guaranteed by each member, which becomes due in the event of the company being wound up. The Memorandum includes a non-profit distribution clause and these companies are usually formed by professional, trade or research associations.

Alternatively, you can learn more about our services or simply order online immediately – we can arrange and incorporate a limited company for you within the hour (subject to Companies House).


FREE Business Listing Service

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